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Burning For Her: The Complete Series: Firefighter Bad Boy Romance by Rayman Black and Jacob Allen

Each book in this series is a #1 best seller in the entire Amazon store.

Enter the red hot world of Rayman Black’s firefighter romance series. Burning For Me is a 3 book volume that will be sure to leave you begging on your KNEES for more!

Burn For Me:

He saved me from dying at a freaking party.
Thomas Dixon.
The firefighter who swept me off my feet.
Strong arms, quick-witted, and scorchingly hot.
But another nightmare followed right after I was rescued.
And he’s offering to save me again.
The plan is simple.
We’d live together…temporarily, of course.
With a clear set of rules.
No sleeping in the same bed.
No long hugs.
And definitely no cute names.
Something tells me these rules won’t stick.
My fragile heart can’t ignore his heated touch.
The distance between us is brutal.
I shouldn’t give in.
But if I do…
Then he might just be the hottest mistake I’ll ever make.

Ache For Me:

Working for an irresistible firefighter has been… challenging.
Kevin York.
He’s more than just big biceps and a tough job.
He’s also an adorable dad.
I know because I teach his little girl in school.
And now he’s asked me to babysit his daughter.
I’ve got to get a hold of myself.
Keep things professional.
Stop longing for his touch.
Maybe I’m crazy to not listen to my heart.
Especially now that his ex-wife is back.
I smell drama and I need to get the hell away.
But my life is on the line.
So are my dreams.
I want him and there’s no denying it.
It’s clear that a storm is about to arrive.
Can Kevin keep our lives from burning to the ground?

Crave For Me:

I woke up married to a man I’d known for just one night in Vegas!

Chris Owens… who?
Oh, I know… the hot firefighter I met at my friend’s bachelorette.
My new husband.
The smart thing to do would be to have this thing annulled.
Except that Chris thinks we have a real shot.
I think he’s out of his mind.
A 30-day trial period isn’t going to change anything.
But I can’t refuse his offer.
His gorgeous face and those strong arms are making me say yes.
I’m risking my heart and questioning my sanity.
Is this risk worth taking?

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