Title: Hungry For Red
Author: Loni Ree Genre: Fantasy Romance Series: A Salem Experiment Book 1Purchase →   https://books2read.com/u/mKxBDd

Blurb ↓

An experiment gone wrong has left W. Aaron Wolfe a little different, furrier and such. He’s been living in the middle of the woods for years to hide his secrets. When he stumbles across an injured camper being attacked in the forest, his inner wolf demands that he step in to save the beauty and claim her as theirs.
One minute, Isla Redmond is running from a beast in the woods. The next minute, she wakes up to find the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen leaning over her. Maybe this stupid camping trip with her coworkers wasn’t such a bad idea after all.
Aaron sweeps Isla off of her feet, but soon she realizes he’s not telling her everything. When his secrets come out, can Isla accept him furriness and all? Or is she going to leqave him Hungry for Red?  

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