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Charlie: Northern Grizzlies (Book 4) by M. Merin

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Without any family and looking for a fresh start, Charlie takes a chance on a small town, hours from where she grew up. She quickly catches the eye of not one, but two Northern Grizzlies; what’s a girl to do?

In the Army, I met my closest friend; we share everything.
Through the MC, I found a Brotherhood.
My garage gives me purpose and fills me with satisfaction.
Until recently.
Now, I want more; and I know Jake wants the same thing.
Is it really so bad that we want to share?
I know we’d give the right woman anything,
but can we protect her from the judgment she’ll face?

I may not talk much, but I don’t miss much either.
The day of my high school graduation,
I walked away from my family’s expectations; tossing the silver spoon aside.
After years in the Army and out here with the Grizzlies; I have all I need.
Or I did. Now a family is all I want anymore.
Charlie is everything Connal and I ever wanted; but can she accept us?

One by one, my family was taken from me. Leaving the foster system,
I turned to the only profession I knew anything about.
Hell! Why does everyone always think that?!
I’m a mechanic. Not a stripper. Not a hooker.
In a new town, surrounded by new faces; there are two men turning my head.
Not that I’m unwilling, there’s safety in numbers after all.

This is a standalone book but why not give Books 1-3 a shot, also?
Please note: This is an MFM relationship where the guys’ focus is solely on their woman. HEA, no cheating, LOTS of panty melting sexiness.
18 and older only due to graphic content.

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