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A Bride for Theo by Elisa Leigh

I went home when my brother told me he was marrying someone he just met. I never expected to find my bride sitting there lost in my parent’s living room. It didn’t help that she was only seventeen. I’ve waited for years to claim my bride, now that she’s finally home there’s nothing that will stop me from marrying her and giving her my name.

Running away to college seemed like a good idea at the time, but it’s only thrown a bigger wedge between us, one that is self-imposed since my sister is endlessly trying to get me to come home. I’ve never felt more alone than I do now. My sister, my best friend, the one person I counted on, has a new family now. I don’t know where I fit.

When my sister buys me a plane ticket to come home I have to go. I never thought coming home would feel like this. Didn’t think there was a place for me. Theo is proving there’s room in their lives for one more. He’s gone as far as wanting to give me his name. Will I take it?

This book is about Jasmine’s sister from The Bride’s Christmas Miracle. As with all my books, there is a guaranteed HEA and is Safe. Follow along for a swoon-worthy novella.

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