Elite Power: Trent: (Dark Mafia Romance . . . HEA) The Elite power is supreme, but love brings them to their knees! (Supreme Legacy Book 1) by P.T. Macias


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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Excerpt ~ ~ ~ ~
“Baby Girl you’re my weakness! I have to work, I have responsibilities, and I’m dark. You know why we need to wait, and you know that I have needs, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not my heart, my queen.”

Yvette clear green eyes tear up, she sniffs, glaring at him she points her index finger against his hard-chiseled chest, emphasizing every word.

“Don’t you get it? Really? I can’t stand this! You keep telling me that. I’m trying to be patient. Do you know, do you understand that I’m hurting? Yes, I hurt when I know that you’re out. . . . out there with some hussies! I. . . . . want . . . .you, I want to see you every day!”

“Baby Girl.”

“Do you know what I want? I want you to handle your needs yourself or come to me. This bullshit that I have needs doesn’t cut it!”

“Ok, I’ll handle it because we’re waiting!”


~ ~ ~ ~ Prince Trent Konig ~ ~ ~

I was born an Elite and forged by the king!
I’m ruthless and soulless, a bastard to fear!
I’m merciless, I’m strong, and trained to rule.
I’m broken, I’m evil, not worthy of her love.
My Baby girl has a halo; she’s truly an angel.
I always knew she’s my soul mate, and yet I force myself to wait.
This wild need compels me to claim her and drives me insane.
My heart aches, my soul rages, and I refuse to have her near.
I can’t crown her my queen; thus, the kingdom is not at peace.
The danger and intrigue shroud the Elite!

~ ~ ~ ~ Lady Yvette Kaiser ~ ~ ~

I pray he forgets his past deeds, his fears and believes in the greatness that he is.
No matter what he thinks, no matter where he goes, I keep my eye on him, waiting for his call.
I wait, I dream, I think of him.
I place my heart in his hands, knowing that he’s my man.
I only know that we belong, and our souls are fated to be one.

Experience the world of the ruthless masters, the Elite Supreme Power dictating society and the world.

Taste the excitement and the mysterious allure of falling in love.

Enjoy the opulence, the adventure, the power wars, the suspense, the corruption, the drama, lies, secrets, and the omnipresent danger
cloaking their life.

The Elite power is supreme, but love brings them to their knees!

Note ~ Elite Power, Supreme Legacy Series are also standalone stories and no cliffhangers. (Dark Mafia Romance . . . . . . HEA)

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