Beautiful Chaos, Book 3
A Day By Day Series
Brooke Parker

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Vivian Day was a combination of sass and sexiness rolled up into one gorgeous drama queen. The baby of the family, she was accustomed to being catered to a bit too much for my taste, which was fine since she was my friend’s little sister—off limits. Still, one impulsive offer to help her finds us tangled in a chemistry that is off the charts. When she presents the idea of a one-night, don’t ask, don’t tell arrangement, my self-control can only be stretched so far. 

Beckett Jenkins was probably the ideal man for most women—attractive and financially stable with a cool, calm demeanor—but seriously, where’s the fun in that? His insane but too-good-to-be-true offer to help me with my financial situation sounded great until I started getting comfortable in our new relationship and our sexual tension became a fuse waiting to be lit. What I never predicted was that in the end, Beckett would end up breaking my heart.  

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