Title: Winds Of Change 
Author: Reese Copeland 
Genre: Fantasy / Reverse Harem 

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The Age of Dragons is ending and the seed of rebellion is ready to bloom.

Born from forbidden love, Bela has always been an outsider. Always alone, forever the outcast. All she desires are friends and love.

But change is coming.

Learning to believe in not only herself but those she loves, Bela must survive the chaos it brings.

Or Solara will fall. 

Can Bela endure the winds of change, or will her hopes and dreams be blown away?
****Author’s Note****
This is a slow burn reverse harem series. 
This series will feature F/F, M/F/M, and M/M. 
CW: Attempted SA 

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Reese Copeland is an established ghostwriter, cat mom, wife, and Co-Owner of The Writer’s Guide to Freedom. She’s dabbled in many genres but enjoys watching her characters find true love the most. An avid reader she devours three hundred and sixty-five books each year in between writing adventures for her characters to suffer through.

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