The Alpha Bodyguard Series
Sybil Bartel




Security Detail.

I wasn’t supposed to join the Marines and serve three tours. I’d been groomed to be another kind of warrior. Since I could walk, I’d been primed to take over the family business. Build the real estate empire bigger, ruthlessly fight my way to the top—make everyone richer.

Instead, I’d enlisted. Wanting to protect my country, not a bank account, I’d turned my back on the family business and given the Marines eight years. Now I was a bodyguard for the best personal security firm in the business, and life was perfectly uncomplicated…until an innocent redhead smiled at me and destroyed everything.

Now she was about to find out how ruthless a bodyguard could be.


Ruthless had me captivated & clinging to my book from the beginning, and  I did not put it down. I needed to know more about Sawyer and Genevieve. Sybil Bartel has a way of creating her stories and lives of the characters as such that you believe that you could meet on the street. I absolutely loved that Sawyer and Genevieve were not perfect individuals. They both had flaws because let’s be honest no one is perfect or without demons. Sawyer and Genevieve are very much opposites. Sawyer is a bodyguard and is a total alpha male all the way. He loves control and order. Genevieve is a bundle of energy and nerves. She talks too much and drops everything. Genevieve has a lot of spunk and fight.I love a sassy heroine. Sawyer and Genevieve have amazing chemistry and tension. I experienced every range of emotion while reading Ruthless. I love all the feels (laughter, tears,  etc) and is a sign of a great book in my opinion. I absolutely adore all of Sybil’s and you can’t go wrong with  Get ready to be drawn into another intriguing and truly touching story by Sybil Bartel. 

Overall Stars – 5 Stars
Chemistry – 4 1/2 Stars
POV – Dual, Alternating Chapters
Cliffhanger _ No

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