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Boost Blitz & Blog Tour with ARC Sign Up 
The Abiding by B.C. Morin
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Romance/Steampunk
Boost Blitz – March 20 – 23, 2019
Blog Tour with Review Option – March 27 –  April 1, 2019
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Opening the door to her farmhouse after hunting for dinner, Emeline Huntley finds the one thing she never expected in their quiet countryside- her entire family murdered.

In Victorian London, plans have been put into motion to create the ultimate weapons. William Rathbone and his group of scientists have managed to isolate the strengths of three creatures that have lived under society’s nose for centuries. Armed with his new tonic, Rathbone heeds to aprophesy that a certain group of children born, will be able to transform into this new breed of humans.

Controlled by clockwork collars with hidden blades sharp enough to cut through bone, The Abiding must follow their new master and his vindictive desires, or pay with their own lives.

While one other prisoner seeks to only protect her, another will stop at nothing to prove to Emeline that she must join him, if they are ever to leave the grasp of their creator. Now Emeline must decide whether she can see through her master’s plan of revenge, in the hopes he will someday free her, Nathaniel and the others or join Alexander and rid herself of the very man who killed her family and turned her into a monster.

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Release Blitz & Blog Tour with ARC Sign Up 
Witching Hour by Nikki Landis
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Reverse Harem Romance

Release Blitz – April 2, 2019
Blog Tour with Review Option – April 3 – 9, 2019

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The witching hour has begun….

My essence has been stolen.

Tricked by the rogue witch that’s attacked Mystic Hallows from the beginning of Samhain, I’m drained and weakened in a dungeon cell far from home. Each passing hour brings me closer to the edge as I teeter on the brink of insanity. Fantasy and reality blur, my mind deteriorates, and I can’t distinguish between friend and foe.

My Cosan is too far away. I need their help to break me and Damian out of this hellhole. Secrets to Damian’s past and those of the Nosferatu bloodline are held within these stone walls and become the focal point in a ruthless battle for control. My only help comes from the sarcastic vampire that wants to drain my blood as much as seek revenge upon Dmitri. The vicious twin brother that tarnished the Rockcastle name and joined forces with the damned.

When everything is set in motion, each hour on the clock brings destruction closer. Every tick counts down. I only have twenty-four hours to restore my fractured soul before the changes are permanent. Confronting my enemy is the only choice. It’s time Roman English found out the power of the Salem bloodline once and for all – and I’m not the only one waiting to take him down.

Author’s Note: Witching Hour is episode 3 of 13 in the Mystic Hallows Harem, so be prepared to sink your teeth into each new installment every 90 days until the epic conclusion. *** This is a slow burn reverse harem that increases in heat level with each new episode. ***

Welcome to Mystic Hallows, home to thirteen witch covens that keep the veil between the living and the dead closed. It’s a world of monsters, mayhem, and magic where the ancestors of the powerful Salem witches of the past struggle to keep balance. Discover supernatural mystery, thrills, danger, and romance in a place where everyone has a deep, dark, and often deadly secret.

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Cover Reveal
COBALT (Capitol Corruption Series 2) by Linny Lawless
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Cover Reveal – March 23, 2019
Release Blitz – Coming This Summer
Blog Tour – TBA

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When a ruthless rogue and reckless vixen collide, a hell of a lot more than hearts may break.


I like women the way I like money – as much as I want, anytime, anywhere.  I work hard and play harder, running the sleezy and corrupt business that comes in and out of the MGM National Harbor Casino, in the heart of Washington, DC.  There are only a few men I trust, one of them being Dane Neri—boss of the corrupt empire in Atlantic City. 

After his sister gets into some trouble, Dane entrusts me to watch over her.   Gina is stunningly beautiful and drives all my senses into a deranged frenzy.  I’m going to keep her all to myself.  And have her anytime, anywhere, and as much as I want.

I even marry the feisty little brat to keep up this fake-ass charade, until she’s almost taken from me. Now my feelings are anything but fake, and I’ll set Washington, DC on fire to keep her safe, by my side, and in my bed—no matter who I have to hurt to make it happen.


My brother, Dane, is a powerful man, and he tries to shield me from his playground of dirty business in Atlantic City. But I also deal dirty, to my brother’s disapproval, and now my life is on the line. Dane takes me out of one city and drops me into another, just as corrupt and treacherous.

I land right on the lap of Nolan Reynolds, the arrogant, egotistical rogue who runs the MGM.  All I want to do is give him a taste of his own medicine—play him as I do other men.  But I’m forced into a marriage with Nolan, I’m snared in a trap and there’s no way out, because my heart and soul will fall deep when I look into his cobalt blue eyes.

I’ve always looked out for me first, but living means a lot now, because in the blackest moments, all I can think about is the hell that would come if I had to live without Nolan.

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