Claimed in CHAOS by Linny Lawless is #Live! 

Title: Claimed in CHAOS  

Series: CHAOS Kings MC Book 4
Author: Linny Lawless
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, MC 

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I either have my nose in a book, or I’m stocking shelves at the used bookstore.  I’ve had a crazy crush on Magnet ever since the moment I laid eyes on him.  He was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen, a biker who looked like a sexy pagan god!  He’s different from the type of guys I’ve dated.  Now I’m just infatuated with him.  But he was a Chaos King and would never notice someone like me.  I’m not the type of woman that Magnet likes – the wild and pretty biker chick.  Plus, I totally embarrassed myself by falling right on top of him.  Literally.  But when he invites me for a ride on his bike, there was no way in hell I would pass that up, just so I could be near him.  And I wanted to show Magnet that there was a wild and wanton woman behind the reading glasses.

All my brothers in the CHAOS KINGS MC call me the Chick Magnet.  I guess I’ve earned that name.  Hell, I can’t even count how many women I’ve banged, let alone remember their names.  And Becky and Brandy are currently my go-to gals for all the fun uninhibited sex I need.  But I promised to do a favor and invited the bookstore clerk, Kat, out for a ride on my bike.  She’s been over at the Chaos clubhouse a few times, but I didn’t really notice her until she falls into my arms.  Literally.  The wind gets knocked out of me when Kat shows up for the ride and I really see her for the very first time.  Now she’s all I can ever think about.  But when my own brothers in the club see that sexy little kitten, I realize Kat is the only woman I’ve ever wanted to claim for myself.

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Salvation in Chaos (CKMC Book 1)

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Linny Lawless grew up and currently lives in Northern Virginia, right outside Washington DC. She has worked over 20 years as a sales operations professional, and has lived 13 years of her life as a biker chick! Linny rides Harley’s with her husband and loves the freedom, wildness, and rebellion of the biker world. The biker life is tribal, and primal at times.

Linny has also been a book worm ever since she was a young teen. She reads all genres, but the one she loves the most is Romance! Her characters are about scruffy, sexy alpha bikers who belong to a tribe, their club, and the women they fall in love with. Their world is full chaos, not unlike reality. But within that world of chaos, they live their lives the best way they can and discover true love.

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