Title: Fall To Pieces
Author: Candice Scrooby

Cover designed by Concierge Literary Designs & Photography
Cover Image by CJC Photography
Model: Lance Jones

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: TBA

I try not to think about that night.
The night I don’t quite remember.
The night I spent in the arms of the only boy I ever loved.
In the aftermath of my blackout and Gabriel’s rejection a week later, my life spiralled out of control. So I did the only thing I could – I ran.
Forced to return home after ten years, I need to face what really happened. I only plan on staying long enough to convince Gabriel to tell me the truth. I didn’t expect old feelings to come thundering back, reminding me of everything we could have been.

I try not to think about that night.

The night I can’t forget.

The night the only girl I’ve ever loved broke my heart.

I thought I was over her, but when Olivia walked back into my life, my entire world to tilted on its axis. I can’t lose her again – I won’t.

A decade is a long time to live with secrets, but I’ll do anything to protect Olivia from the past. Because everything she thinks she knows is a lie. And if she finds out the truth, it will all fall to pieces.

Candice Scrooby hails from the land of Funsunzi. Affectionately named by the locals for its fun, sun and sea, Durban, South Africa is a culturally diverse and beautiful city that offers warm weather, big smiles and a host of attractions. 
Candice spends her nine to five in the finance division of a shipping company and recently completed her diploma in Financial Accounting. 
Words are her escape from reality. When she’s not working, writing or studying, she can be found devouring a book or baking to her heart’s content.
Candice also writes YA/NA Paranormal Romance under the pen name, Roxanne Kade. Her debut novel, Therian: The Bloody Crescent #1 was published by 48fourteen


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