Title: Keep Me
Author: Leah Holt
Genre: Romance, Suspense, Dark
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Keep Me
I’m his captive. . . and I want him to keep me.
I was only a child when everything changed. Too young to understand, too old to forget.
Broken and damaged.
I thought nothing good could ever happen to me, but ten years later, something did.
I met a man.
He swept me off my feet and swooned me into his bed. Cole’s touch was perfect. His lips were made of velvet obsession, they helped me forget the memories that burned me from the inside out. For the first time in forever, I was happy.
Then he locked me inside his home.
He told me it was for my safety. And it was so easy to believe him. I was tired of looking over my shoulder, tired of the fear that someone was always watching me.
Cole wanted to protect me.
I was ready to let him.
With him holding me close, all the evil in the world can’t reach me.
But what happens when our pasts collide, threatening to tear us apart?

* Author’s note: Keep Me is a full length, dark romance novel with no cliffhanger. This emotional and dark read may contain material that might make the reader uncomfortable.


Keep Me is an intriguing story. The story of Locke and Cole takes place both in the past and present. You are able to see how their lives are linked / connected. Keep Me will have you so engrossed in every twisted and turn from the beginning to the end.

Locke has changed her name, moved around, and colored her hair. She has been looking over her shoulder and feeling like someone is following her for awhile. Locke keeps to herself and is lonely. She knows that she has to be very careful due to her tragic past. Will Locke ever be able to move beyond her past?

Cole is a criminal profiler. He also has secrets. He has been assigned to the recent killings of young women, who all have the same description. Cole has been searching for the girl that he feels that he needs to save. When he see Locke, Cole knows that she is the girl that he has been dreaming about. When Cole and Locke meet, Locke feels safe with him. Locke was to open up and trust him. Cole believes he must protect Locke at all costs, so he kidnaps her.

Keep Me is a dark romance. The story has an unique and well developed storyline with captivating characters. The writing was incredible, and it really help the story to flow. There is suspense, love and tragedy. I loved the chemistry between Locke and Cole. I appreciate that the author made Cole strong and confident with his own issues. I liked that Locke was a survivor and tried to be strong/tough in her own way. It made both characters more realistic in my eyes.

Overall Story – 4 1/2 Stars
Chemistry – 4 Stars
POV – Alternating POVs
Dark – Yes
Cliffhanger – No
Recommend to Others – Yes
I volunteered for the arc. This is my unbiased review. Also purchased a copy.


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Author Info

Growing up in a small town, Leah Holt’s imagination was able to run wild. She loves to write romance with intense alpha guys, the ones we all desire but dare not admit to. Who doesn’t love a bad boy riddled with muscles and tattoos? 
Writing has become an outlet for her to let out all of the dirty, forbidden thoughts inside of her head.

If you want to chat with her, you can email leahholtauthor@gmail.com , or copy and paste the mailing list link below to receive information on her new releases!


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