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Lick: A Devil’s Fury Novel 
Torrie Robles
Release Date: May 30th 

Mothers are supposed to love you. Support you. Protect you.
Not mine, mine did none of those things. – Not one.
My mother taught me that her addiction was stronger than her love for me. Her high was all that mattered.  That’s all she needed, all she wanted. Grown men and women took payment from me, so she could get her fix. They took everything from me, just a child, her only son.
Motherly love? Fuck that.
I’ve spent my life taking from bitches all too willing to give it up – whores, sluts, The Fallen – you name it, I’ve had a piece of it, of them. It’s how I earned the name Lick. I’ve licked every part of a bitch’s body.  Until her -Jenni.
From the moment she sashayed her hips up the dirt path of our clubhouse I knew I was fucked. Curves for days, sweet tits that begged to be sucked. A heart of gold. I know it’s a fucking cliché, but she was different.
She challenged me – Pushed me
Jenni made me see I’ve spent my life being blind, that I was worth something.
She taught me love doesn’t use.
It’s not twisted, it doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t cost a thing.
I’ll do anything to make her happy.  I’ll do whatever the fuck it takes to keep her by my side. She’s far too precious for me, but I’ll be damned if I’ll let her go.

                                Hold on and get ready for one hell of a ride with Lick.
     Lick is a book that will stay with you long after reading it. This story will pull at your heartstrings. You will laugh, cry and cheer on the Tylan “Lick” and Jenni.

    Tylan “Lick” is a loud mouth, dirty talking biker. He has survived an unimaginable childhood that continues to haunt Lick. He did what he had to try to save his sister, Betsy, from having to go through the same torment. Lick’s demons are always right under the surface waiting to break free, but he works hard to keep it under control. Lick has a protective and sweet / gentle side that is hiding deep, but Jenni brings out that part of him.

      Jenni goes to her best friend Savannah and the Fury, when she feels that she has to leave her strict & controlling family. Jenni is different than the other girls in the MC club. She will go toe to toe with Lick. Jenni doesn’t take Lick’s crap. These two as opposites, but do have more than just their attraction in common. When Lick needs someone even if he doesn’t think so, Jenni is right there by his side. She is a strong, independent woman who is loyal to the core.

   Lick is an outstanding story with many themes. This story shows how family is not always the blood bond, but about loyalty and love. The reader will go on an emotional rollercoaster with twist and turns, but Lick is definitely worth it. This is the first book that I have read by this author, but I am a definite fan. I can’t say enough about this incredible story. I have found my gritty, dirty talking, sexy biker book boyfriend. He is all mine. Yum!
Favorite quotes – “Because behind the crude, silver tongued biker is a man who has a heart so scared and damaged, so utterly broken, that the only thing now is to help it heal…”.
“He’s a brute of a man. There’s so much beauty in all his fury. So much turmoil that constantly ravages at his soul. He fights his demons every day. Tries to keep the evil beneath the surface, making sure he’s nothing like the woman who gave birth to him.”

Overall Story – 5 Stars
Chemistry – 4 ½ Stars
POV – Alternating POV’s
Alpha Male – Yes
Recommend to Others – Hell Yes!
I volunteered for this arc book. This is my honest, unbiased review.     


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Author Bio

Torrie Robles was born and raised in the Central Valley of California; a perfect spot in the state since she’s only hours away from the coast, the beautiful mountains and the big named cities. She currently lives a short distance from her hometown of Clovis, in a small community known as The Madera Ranchos. She’s married and has three children, two boys and one girl. She also has seven animals that live with her family on their property. She’s a city girl living in the country, but not too far from the hustle and bustle of the life, she grew up knowing.

Torrie obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, but her passion has always been writing.  A dream she felt was always out of her reach, until she was introduced to the Indie Community.  2015 marked the year she became a self-published author. She writes contemporary romance and plans to branch out as her career takes off. She is currently working on several different manuscripts. She hopes to have them all finished and published throughout her career while continuing to develop new stories and characters to fall in love with.

When she isn’t working a full-time job, writing, raising her children or just taking care of life, Torrie’s biggest hobby is getting lost in books. Her passion for reading and the authors she looks up to has allowed her to make her dreams come true. Her fellow authors have truly been her inspiration.

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