Hostage of the Hitman: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance (Alexis Abbott's Hitmen Book 6) by [Abbott, Alexis, Abbott, Alex]

Hostage of The Hitman: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance

Alexis Abbott (Author)

        Delaney Underwood is a spoiled, rich girl on the surface. In the beginning, you are not sure if you are going to like her. As the story progresses, the reader discovers that it is an act or a way to hide (protect herself). Delaney hides her true self. She portrays what she thinks people want her to be or want to see. Delaney’s parents are wrapped up in their own life that she is able to get away with a lot (do what she wants, when she wants). Delaney is also a smart, feisty and independent young woman. She knows that she needs to help her friends and want to protect them for Darios and his men. Delaney is scared of Darios, but is captivated by him also. She wanted to experience things with him, like a kiss from a real man.

       Darios Esadze is a Georgian soldier and hitman. He has done whatever he has to in order to survive. He is a true alpha male. Darios has started kidnapping young women and holding them for ransom. The wealthier the family the better for Darios and his men. When he kidnaps Delaney, something changes for him. He thinks that she is a brat at first and may need discipline and to be punished. “Wink” Darios decides that he wants to keep Delaney for himself and not ransom her off. He is attracted to her beauty and brains. Darios is surprised by how smart Delaney is.
      Darios and Delaney know that they should get close or be together, but can they do that? When danger and enemies come calling, can Darios keep Delaney safe? Does Delaney want to stay with Darios?

      They both have gone through a lot in life, but they need each other. As the story progresses, we get to see the characters develop and change. They both discover what is important to them and grow/change in their own right. The chemistry between Delaney and Darios is white hot. I love that they each will fight to be together literally. This story has romance, a lot of suspense and action, steamy scenes, an alpha males, and a happily ever after. 

       Thank you Alexis for the yummy and lickable cover. Alexis Abbott always does a great job at giving the reader characters that come to life and are believable. I love that the heroines can stand up for themselves and are feisty. I volunteered to read this arc book. This is my unbiased review.

Overall Story = 4 ½ Stars
Chemistry / Sexy = 5 stars
Alpha Male = Yes
Cliffhanger = No
HEA = Yes
Recommend to Others = Yes


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