Ride Me Hard: A Biker Romance Serial (The Devil's Host Motorcycle Club Book 1) by [Slade, Shari]

Ride Me Hard: A Biker Romance Serial (The Devil’s Host Motorcycle Club Book 1)
Shari Slade (Author)

4 1/2 Hot MC Riding Stars!!

     Star is a waitress at Jimmy’s Diner. Star doesn’t really like her job and dislikes the pay and tips. She is barely making ends meet and has to keep her job at all cost. Star is often bothered by customers. She has a run in with the local police officer, Officer Wade. Officer Wade feels that he can touch Star inapprociately, instead of escorting her home. Star is used to doing as she is told to survive. She is not happy with her life, but unsure how to change it.

     Noah is a member of the Devil’s Host Motorcycle Club. His role is as an enforcer. Noah collects debts. He makes people pay one way or another, but people will pay. Noah goes to the diner looking to collect on a debt or get answers. Unfortunately for Star, she is the only left to answer and/or pay the debt. Noah is an intimadating, tattooed biker. He is a dirty talking bad boy. 

     Ride Me Hard is the first book in the The Devil’s Host Motorcycle Club. This book start off quick and dirty, which I loved. It centers around a motorcycle club and biker. He is definitely an alpha male. Noah loves to be bossy, but can be a sweet talker when he wants to. Star and Noah are attracted to each other. These two are scorching hot together. Yum! 

     This is my first book by Shari Slade, and it will not be my last one. I highly recommend Ride Me Hard. If you like a dirty talking alpha male or love MC books, than this is a book that you should read. 

Overall Story = 4 1/2 Stars
Hotness / Chemistry= 5 Stars
Alpha Male / Bad Boy = Yes
Cliffhanger = Yes
Recommend to Others = Hell Yes!


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