Menage a Cowboy 4: Billionaire Western Menage

Menage A Cowboy (Part Four)

Jamie Klaire (Author)

5 Stars!

      This series has everything that makes a story or in this case a series great, in my opinion. There is action, romance, suspense, alpha males, menage, cowboys, and a happily ever after. Grace is a strong woman, who dropped her cheating boyfriend, Jake, and has fallen hard for two cowboy brothers. Her father has stopped speaking to her and won’t pay for her college, because Grace is staying at Adam & Scott’s ranch. This book, Grace wakes up to realize that Jake has kidnapped her and figures out where she is. Grace knows that she has to help save herself until help can come. I love that her father finally comes around. Tinkerbell was an interesting touch to the story. Menage A Cowboy is a very hot series that has made me a fan of Jamie Klaire.

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