Tied, Twisted & Turned On!

Tied & Twisted (Blue Room VIPs Book 1)

Tied & Twisted (Blue Room VIP Book 1)

Emily Ryan-Davis (Author)

    Jovanna and David story is very hot & steamy. The majority of it takes place in Jovanna’s shop or a BDSM club. There are some aspects that you don’t expect like; who is stalking Jovanna and the type of shop that she owns to name a few. I loved how strong, bossy & dominate David is. I enjoyed that Jovanna tries to be a top and a bottom (as the story puts it). I highly recommend this book. Now I am off to get the next book in the series.

Sizzle / Heat = 5 Star!
Romance = 4 Stars!
Kink = Yes
Alpha Male = Oh yes!
Overall = 4 1/2 Stars!

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No Strings Attached

No Cords Attached

No Cords Attached

Celeste Carrara (Author)

** I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. **

Total rating – 3 1/2 stars.
Heat / Steam rating – 4 1/2 stars
Plot / Overall Story Concept rating – 3 stars

This is a short Erotic Romance.

*possible spoiler alert*

     Cynthia is a divorced mother of two. She is in her forties and says that she doesn’t need or want a man. Cynthia “Cindy” does want to be satisfied. Because she doesn’t want a relationship, Cindy decides to go to an online chat site. She doesn’t seem very comfortable with her herself and her body.

     Travis is a twenty-five year old man that Cindy meets online. He seems sweet and a little nerdy. He even wears glasses. He is always saying beautiful things to Cindy and seems generally interested in her.

      In the beginning, Cindy and Travis don’t speak (Cindy types everything) and don’t see each other’s face. They don’t know each other’s names or personal information. Slowly these two start sharing more, like showing their faces, names, and cell numbers. They only see each other. Cindy is very uncomfortable, in my opinion, with the age difference and decides to end things between them. She is also worried that she getting to attached / addicted to him.

      Travis and Cindy do eventually meet in person while he at a convention for work. Cindy joins Travis in his hotel room. It gets hot and steamy.

     I know that this is a short read, but there were still times that I laughed and got teary (like when Cindy left the hotel and Travis). I am hoping that the author has another story in store for Cindy and Travis. I want to know what happens next. You will need an extra pair of panties while you read this story. The only things that would have made it better for me would be: a little bit longer (who won’t), and to know more about Travis (who he is, his background, family, etc).

    Overall, I enjoyed this story and would read more by this author.

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Scandalous Sensations

Scandalous Endeavors

Scandalous Endeavors

Amanda Mariel (Author)

      A Historical Romance that will make you laugh and cry. There is great chemistry and sexual tension between the main characters. Amelia is feisty, sassy young lady. She knows what she wants and goes for it. Lord Goldstone is a witty gentleman who lives in Scotland.

     This is a story about a young woman struggles after losing her parents, most recently her father. Amelia’s uncle and guardian tells her that he will be taking her to America. She will be able to return to England when she turns twenty-one, 2 years away. Amelia comes up with a plan to stay in England. She enlists her best friend’s help. They get Lady Grace to convince Amelia’s uncle to stay with her for 2 months in order to get her affairs in order. In that time Amelia hopes to find a husband, so she doesn’t have to ever leave. Since she is in mourning, Amelia will have to work at getting a husband. Her best friend, Lady Sarah, will help her with the planning.

     Lord Goldstone is Lady Grace’s nephew and comes to stay with her at the same time that Amelia is there. He seems to always be around whether Amelia needs him or not. He was always one step ahead of her. Lord Goldstone, Richard, blocks her plans to compromise herself or land a husband every time. These two do a lot of kissing, but Lord Goldstone always pulls away. I love the sense of humor that he has and the one liners. 

    Two of my favorite lines are:

“Please use my given name. Now that you have compromised me, Richard will do just fine.” He smirked roguishly.
“My eyes are up here,” he said.

     After receiving upsetting news, Amelia runs off. Richard finds her, and they spend the night alone in her home. Amelia travels with Richard toward Scotland. He will take her part way, and then send her home with a chaperone. On this trip, Amelia discovers that she loves Richard, but he leaves her.

    I will let you discover the rest of Amelia and Richard’s story, but know that there is a HEA. If you are like me, you may need a Kleenex or two for this story. It did start a little slow, but once it got going it was wonderful. I would recommend this story to anyone who love a historical romance with a sassy English lady and sexy Scotsman.

    I was gifted with this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. This is my honest review.

5 Stars!

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