Getaway Girl

Getaway Girl

Isabet Sarai (Author)

     Peg works in the local pub and meets a handsome stranger one night. Lionel/Bert claims to be a free-lance journalist in town, because of the discovery of a Viking cache. She is very attracted to him and hopes to see Lionel again. When there is a robbery, Peg is taken captive and forced to help the men find a place to hide out. Peg being a strong, feisty woman thinks ahead to try to escape. While Jack is passed out due to Peg actions, She tries to convince Lionel to let her go. He decides to tie Peg to the bed.

     It gets very hot and steamy!!! It is hard to tell if the captor or the captive is in charge!! I really enjoyed this book. I wish it could have been longer, because I would like to know what happened to Peg and Lionel. I would recommend this to everyone for a fun, quick read.

 4 1/2 stars

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