Twisting the Magical Fires, the next Midlife Witchery release from Brenda Trim, is now available to preorder!

And just like that, something other than a wave of hot flashes turning up the heat on this kickass coven…

When they’re tasked with safeguarding the ashes of a goddess who slipped through their grasp once before, the Backside of Forty comes prepared for almost any surprise. Except, of course, for the one that they’re dealt. As Artemis tosses the coven a flicker of flames from the forge of Hephaestus, it quickly becomes clear that this mission won’t have the warm and fuzzy solution they’ve been hoping for.

But chaos is nothing new for this crew of magical midlifers, and they aren’t about to sweat a single misfortune. Battling a bombardment of mythical creatures, legendary beings, and a parade of peculiar entities definitely adds to the challenge, but it’s the final leg of their current journey that gives each of them reason to pause. Protecting several ultra-powerful objects that could send even the most nefarious dark witches running for their spell books will be anything but easy. Doing it on the brink of a supernatural disaster could be impossible.

With time running out, the coven must band together to summon every ounce of their collective wisdom – and most of their collective sarcasm – to save the day. Only one question remains: are the girls getting too old for these globe-saving adventures? Grab your reading glasses and hold on for one more fascinating, fiery feat…

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