Touched By His Vampire Charm: A Nocturne Falls Universe story by Kira Nyte

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The product of an evil scientist’s mad quest to create a day-walking vampire, Vivian Hawkins revels in her freedom in Nocturne Falls, a haven for supernatural creatures great and small. The one thing she truly desires is to find a soul mate. Too bad such happiness isn’t meant for a monster like her.

Vampire Draven Lourdes chafes under the musty existence forced on him by the Levoire coven. If he didn’t need the stuffy old bones to keep his sister safe, he’d leave the coven behind and focus on his adventures. Instead, he has to chase a lead on one of the coven’s missing Elders to a small Georgia town—and gets the shock of his life when he meets the sweetest, most beautiful creature he’s ever seen.

Vivian is drawn to Draven the instant they meet. Though she knows better, she can’t resist the charming vampire’s pursuit. It won’t last. It can’t.

But for Draven, she’ll risk anything.

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