The Do-Over by Jennifer Bernard is available now!

– small town, forced proximity, second chance, romantic suspense –

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A Lake Bittersweet winter storm gives them a second chance to heat things back up…

Baseball star Billy Cooper’s marriage might have crashed and burned, but he’s knocking it out of the park when it comes to co-parenting. When an opportunity for a huge new contract comes along, Billy knows Jenna will have his back. All they have to do is demonstrate that he’s not the same wild “Billy Club” who partied too much back in the day. Rehabilitate his reputation? Shouldn’t be a problem. He’s changed; but does Jenna realize it?

Jenna Scarlett Cooper couldn’t ask for a better ex than Billy. It’s almost as if, now that they’re older, more mature… No, she can’t think about him that way, no matter how tempting it is. Sexual chemistry was never their problem. Neither was compatibility, or love, or fun, or… nope, she can’t go there. Definitely not. Not with kids and work deadlines and family issues…

When a winter storm buries Lake Bittersweet, suddenly things get real for Billy and Jenna. But someone doesn’t want them back together, someone with sabotage in mind. Can two exes who never really fell out of love overcome doubts, fears—even a possible stalker—and find their way back to each other for the ultimate do-over?

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