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The same beloved, bada$$ Underboss Antonio and his sexy, possessive af Enforcer Giovanni have gotten new looks🔥

💀Smoke and Mirrors: Book 1 Bleeding Hearts Series

#CoverModel: Soj

#Photographer: Wander Aguiar

#CoverDesigner: Opulent Designs

🖤Grab here: https://a.co/d/iid8ySw



One night is all it took. One night changed all of my plans. One night laid a road map out for the rest of my life. My heart now belongs to him- Antonio Robert Heart, the underboss of the Heart Syndicate that governs over New York and its five boroughs. He rules with an unwavering hand yielding the blade of his knife, but when his strong hands touch me, I become liquid. I melt into his all-consuming prowess. The thing is, he doesn’t want me… even though he craves me.


I don’t date. I don’t love. I don’t want marriage and I do not want children. I only allow myself companionship when the desire is there. Lilah Tomlinson was supposed to be one night-one hour at the most. I was a fool. My desire for her prevailed and I let her in… only to find out she has betrayed me. That muscle in my chest, the one she has penetrated and brought to life, it shrivels with the worst kind of anger: WRATH.

💀One Fateful Night : Book 2 Bleeding Hearts Series

#CoverModel: Andy Gibson

#Photographer: Jane Ashley

#CoverDesigner: Opulent Designs

🖤Grab here: https://books2read.com/u/meLykE

💛 Blurb:

He was everything my mom neglected to warn me about, and I was everything he hated about his mother.

I spent one reckless, lust filled night in the back of a man’s SUV in the alley behind my job on a whim. A revenge tryst in retaliation against my husband for his brutal sins against me turned into more as the hours passed between us. Months later, we met again. Only this time, my husband is at my side. Little did I know, through whispered words over the passing months, the best night of my life was with a very powerful and ruthless man known as The Fixer.

Giovanni Moretti is the brutal right-hand man and top caporegime to one of the most dangerous underbosses. He is feared by most but respected by all who have dared to mention his name.

He’s the handsome devil in a suit I gave myself to.

The dangerous man I haven’t stopped thinking about.

And he just walked right back into my dismal life, looking to do what he does best.

Fix it.

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