Our Love Story by Frankie Love

Link: https://books2read.com/OurLoveStory

It was supposed to be a dream vacation … until I found myself stranded on the beach in a foreign country––helpless, broke and in tears.

When a group of ripped and rugged athletes find me and bring me to their waterfront mansion, I know I’ll be safe for at least one night.

It quickly turns into so much more.

Not only do these men get me hot and bothered … they know what they want.


I’ve already been through so much … and I’m scared of getting hurt.

They promise to protect me … but it’s my heart I’m frightened for.

Dear Reader,

This story has a different sort of HEA … one lucky lady and the four men who adore her. Set in Jamaica, this is more than a beach read … this is a sex-on-the-beach read— just like you deserve!

Is it just me or is it gettin’ hot in here?!

xo, frankie


Our Love Story is a MMFMM story (no MM).

It’s a whole lotta lovin’!

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