🐉 A Dragon Gambles For His Girl by Kira Nyte 🐉
A Nocturne Falls Universe story

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🎧 Audiobook: https://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Gambles-His…/dp/B07C56SYZF/

Ariah Callahan was raised on tales of dragons and magic and a wonderful hidden realm. The fairytales ended when her father became estranged from her beloved uncle, and cold, hard reality set in. Surviving day to day as her father spirals into addiction and depression is all she can do. When the unthinkable happens, her uncle becomes her only hope.

Alazar Brandvold has made easygoing an art. He’s worked hard to ensure no one in the enchanted town of Nocturne Falls sees the tortured, serious soul inside the shameless gambler who is as quick with a laugh as he is to place a bet— which he invariably loses. The Firestorm dragon gets the wakeup call of his life when his Keeper comes out of hiding and shows him a treasure worth more than all the gold in his hoard.

And his race’s ancient enemy is hunting her.

He will have to risk everything in the ultimate gamble not only to claim Ariah as his lifemate, but to convince her that fairytales are real and that the damsel can save the dragon.

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