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A THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE by Meadow Jones is coming November 9th! Preorder your copy today! 

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Rage, anger, and fury are just some of the emotions Clark Farmer evokes in me. He’s been the thorn in my side and my competition since the day we met years ago. He was there, taunting me during our childhood, and he continues to be a maddening fixture in my life. But when life and death suddenly hang in the balance, I start to see a side of Clark I’ve never allowed myself to feel or imagine. Can we forgive all the hurt we’ve caused one another when guards are down and our barriers have fallen? Can two people really find love amongst a history filled with hate?

Clark :

Provoking Xander Lynol has been my favorite pastime since the third grade when I moved to our small town and he declared me his mortal enemy. I mean, his massive ego, entitlement, and cocky attitude make it all pretty easy—he’s impossible to ignore. But when an impromptu road trip through the mountains ends with us trapped and fighting for our lives, I suddenly have to depend on the man I hate for survival. Could the difference between love and hate really be so thin that one harrowing experience turns my long-time enemy into my forever partner?

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