Touched By Her Elven Magic: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Kira Nyte

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Kalen Hawkins has only two goals — find help for his sister in Nocturne Falls and evade the evil genius hunting them. After almost a lifetime of captivity, he has little trust to spare, even for a sexy elf with a sweet heart and a galaxy of stars in her eyes.

Faunalyn “Fawn” Ayre loves the people and peculiarities of the small Georgia town where every day is Halloween. It’s the perfect place for a nature elf to put down roots and live the life she’s dreamed of — until a mysterious stranger literally crashes into her happy existence. She can’t help but be drawn to the stunningly handsome man who is part fae, part … something else, and entirely too noble.

The last thing Kalen wants to do is draw Faunalyn into danger, but her loyalty and determination are impossible to resist. And she just may hold the key to his heart…and survival.

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