🔮 Forbidden Heart: A Talaenian Fae Novel 🔮
By Kira Nyte

Available on #KindleUnlimited
Grab it here: https://amzn.to/3bLXC9V

A blood-filled night he can’t remember changed Shaye’s life from that of a roguish young Fae lord with a love for human delights to that of a man magically bound to answer the depraved whims of a scorned Seelie princess. Only Shaye’s devotion to his family and the downtrodden Talaenian people has kept him going.

Until her.

Single mother Moira has learned that love is an illusion, and ruthless practicality and determination is what it will take to ensure a good life for her young son. She should know better than to be swept into a romance with a mysterious man with rainbow-colored eyes that make her melt. He insists she’s his soul mate.

And then there’s the magic …

Shaye is determined to prove to Moira that her place is by his side, and he’s eager to be a father to her little boy. Aside from the deep love he feels for his brave, beautiful human, he knows his anam cara holds the key to breaking his curse and ending two centuries of sexual servitude.

Unfortunately, so does his evil mistress—and she will kill to keep her prize.

Cover: JMN Art-Covers by Julie

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