“The strongest thing you can do is give a worthy man your submission.”

DELTA by Sybil Bartel is LIVE and he is FULL of Alpha Dominance!!!


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I had one job on the Teams. Predict the unpredictable. See what no one else saw. Analyze, assess, anticipate. Then execute with deadly force.

Calculating the enemy’s moves, including the ones they hadn’t thought of yet was my specialty. I did it for the Navy and now I was private sector, utilizing my skills at Alpha Elite Security. I had a hundred percent mission success rate…until her.

Make no mistake, I saw the blonde coming. I predicted her every move. But this time, I wasn’t going to stop it. I was going to do something much worse.

Code name: Delta.

Mission: Dominate.

DELTA is a standalone book in the exciting Alpha Elite Series by USA Today Bestselling author, Sybil Bartel. Come meet Delta and the dominant, alpha heroes who work for AES!

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