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Rhiannon’s Revenge (The Bohannon Witches Duology Book 2) By International Best Selling Author Emily Bex.


Starting September 19th at midnight through September 26th at midnight book 1 is 99 cents and book 2 is 2.99.Ebooks only!!


Within an ancient grimoire lies the answers Eilish Bohannon needs. But is the book helping her? Or only helping to get her killed…

Ian takes Eilish and Anya to the portal he discovered that leads to the Netherworld, where they find the grimoire and the spirits of their murdered parents. Eilish finds there’s more standing in her way of assuming her destiny as the role of the High Priestess of the Bohannon Coven than just unlocking the secrets of the grimoire…

Fina and Warrick.

Eilish’s powers increase after sealing the blood covenant with the vampire Ian Cross, and doubts are raised when she upstages Fina at the Samhain Sabbat. That makes Fina and Warrick more dangerous than ever, with their position in the coven now being questioned.

With direction from the grimoire, Eilish and Ian head to Beltany, an ancient circle of standing stones in Ireland, where the local coven recognizes the foretold return of the Bohannon witch with snow-white hair. The coven aids them in a ritual where the Goddess Rhiannon appears, conducts a handfasting, and oversees the consummation of their union, where the next Bohannon High Priest is conceived.

But Rhiannon warns Ian that Eilish is his to protect, not keep.

The quest tosses them into a series of confrontations for control of the coven, leading to an epic battle that pits sister against sister in a power struggle where there can be only one victor.

This dark and imaginative paranormal story by International Bestselling Author Emily Bex has romance as hot as a steamy Charleston summer with a pinch of Wiccan magic, a little mystery, and a lot of murder.







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