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A GOLDEN THREAD by Addison Beck is available NOW!! Grab your copy today!

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Augustine Reynolds—one of the most feared crime bosses in Las Vegas— can’t recall ever having one pure thing in his life. Everything, no matter how good it might have seemed at the time, turned out to be tainted with blood and burned to ash.

As a man of the criminal underground, torn by war and caught in chaos, he lives a life of solitude and refuses to indulge in any weakness. It isn’t until one fateful day, on a routine drive back from his warehouse, that the purest thing on Earth crashes into his life, stealing his breath and his sanity.

In a bizarre twist that Augustine never saw coming, destiny has woven itself along a golden thread, and by a man no less. A sweet and gentle man named Ferdinand Thatcher. The little brother of his sworn enemy.

A Golden Thread is a Peaky Blinders inspired steamy, age-gap, strangers-to-lovers romance with a possessive MC, a grumpy/sunshine trope, two feuding families, and forbidden lovers caught in the middle of it all, with a HEA that’ll capture your heart. Content warning: Violence, profanity, character death, homophobic slurs, and 18+ sexual scenes.

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