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All shifters are pack-less. A few well-snapped photos and a crazy and persistent journalist later, packs no longer exist. It’s to keep their race alive, but shifters like Avani have to get out their aggression somewhere. She’s an alpha with something to prove, and even though she can’t lead a pack, she can still be the best fighter at the nearest shifter underground fight club. What she wasn’t expecting was to find that her mate owned it.

Cade was once the alpha of The Glacier Pack. When packs were banned, he opened the fight club to give a place for shifters to go and still feel like they belonged. He can’t lead the shifters through this tough time, but he can give them a safe place to go. Then one night, he witnesses a curvy female alpha taking on the biggest man in their line-up in the club’s ring. As soon as he saw Avani, he knew . . . she was his mate.

The problem is, Avani doesn’t want a mate for fear that shifters will gravitate toward a mated alpha pair, that they’ll inevitably start a pack, and that the persistent journalist will eventually catch on. With her determination, how in the world was he going to convince her to be his?

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