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Soulmates by Kate Munro is coming September 30th! Want a sneak peek of this urban fantasy, friends-to-lovers romance? Click the link below and don’t forget to preorder yours today!!

Get a #sneakpeek here: https://bit.ly/Soulmates-SneakPeek

#Preorder Now: https://books2read.com/Soulmates-KateMunro

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Maddox St. James and Jake Osterman have it all—a perfect friendship, powerful magic, and the future laid at their feet. The only thing that could make life any better is finally gaining the courage to admit that they are desperately in love with one another. 

But this declaration carries the potential to ruin everything, and before they have the chance to explore their feelings, a spell gone drastically wrong nearly destroys them both. 

Now, Maddox is fighting for his life, and Jake is fighting for his sanity as an unknown magic challenges everything they thought they knew about their world. 

A race across the country, a quirky, reclusive mage, and a new kind of magic may be their only hope of survival and a chance at lasting love.

Soulmates is an urban fantasy friends-to-lovers romance featuring clueless best friends, a magic ritual, a swamp, and a connection that runs soul-deep.

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