Get your copy of Guardians of Magical Power by Brenda Trim today.


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A coven of unlikely heroes could never be stopped from racing against time to save the goddess Selene from the threat of a lethal poison.

As a deadly poison threatens to end Selene’s divine existence, the Backside of Forty must shift their focus to a new and daring mission: harness the goddess’s immense power before it unleashes havoc upon the world.

The perilous journey takes them to the far corners of the globe, beginning with a crucial visit to Gretna Green. Once they gather the knowledge of rare and elusive ingredients for a potent Godstone, the coven is off to Spain. But time is running out, and the goddess’s life isn’t the only one hanging in the balance.

Daring to venture to Selene’s ethereal realm is their only choice, though the harrowing quest has never been attempted by mere mortals. And for good reason. The creatures that guard their beloved goddess’s domain are fearsome, and accessing her magical store is rumored to be more dangerous than helpful.

In this riveting race against fate, the Backside of Forty must summon every ounce of their collective strength, wit, and courage to accomplish the impossible. Can this intrepid trio redirect the destiny of gods and mortals alike?

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