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Spellbound Omega by Aries France is coming September 29th!

Preorder your copy of this MM omegaverse, shifter, pnr romance today! 

Preorder Now: https://books2read.com/SpellboundOmega

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An omega with magical amnesia. An Alpha betrothed to another. Disruption in the Seelie Court.

 Lycan is an omega hurt and on the run from . . .well he doesn’t even know that. He knows little to nothing, except that he’s lucky Seath is the one who finds him. Seath is the Pack Legate, the next Alpha of the NorthWest Pack; a rich and powerful pack full of humans, witches, shifters, and even a vampire, among a few other magical creatures. They take the abused omega in, and it starts to feel as if Lycan is exactly where he is supposed to be, even if he still has to put together who he actually is. 

Betrothed by fate to another, Seath struggles with the intense attraction he feels pulling him toward the little wolf who needs to heal a lot more than just his broken bones. Of course, there are a million other things to keep him busy and keep the Pack thriving, not the least of which is a Pack Alpha with other duties, leaving Seath in charge of the Pack more often than not—even in the beginning of a mysterious unrest among the Fae. 

But Fate wants her say, too, and as the spell-induced bonds on Lycan’s mind start to unravel, Seath and Lycan have to decide if they choose each other.  

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