The Wolf is Running from Red by Toni Lynn is available now!

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Dan and Amanda were destined to be with one another; Amanda “Red” Peters knew it. She knew he was the one since he saved her in kindergarten. After college, they would marry, and she’d get the guy, the kids, and the dog. It didn’t matter that her family had money and Dan’s didn’t. Then on the day he came home from college, Dan Gathers turned cold, broke her heart, and left town.

Eight years ago, Dan Gathers left his heart and went on to become “the Wolf” of banking in New York. When his father falls ill, he has to leave his life behind and go home to face a father who knew he would be back; he saw the signs. A mother who has a saying for all occasions and an ex-girlfriend who has determined she will do the right thing by them both.

Can these two settle the past, trust the future and survive a town that is determined to help them? In Hollyport, love is always a little complicated but totally worth it.

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