The Crush by Jennifer Bernard releases on August 29th!

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Love begins in Lake Bittersweet …

Out in the forest, wilderness guide Galen Cooper’s skill is legendary. But put him anywhere near gorgeous newcomer Brenda McMurray and he can barely remember how to speak. Yup, he’s got a crush, and he’s got it bad. But a traumatic childhood has left him unfit for civilization, let alone a classy beauty like Brenda. If his wild and wooly appearance doesn’t scare the new teacher off, surely his odd combination of shy and brusque will.

Brenda’s move to Lake Bittersweet came after a personal loss; now she finds comfort and solace in the small town. Being near her free-spirited granny is just what she needs, even if the sassy senior is determined to meddle in her business. Maybe it’s odd that her granny’s sex life is better than hers, but Brenda’s too busy for dating, what with her work and a certain secret project.

When a local senior’s last request jacksends her and Galen on a wilderness adventure, they discover far more than the wonders of nature. Sure, their chemistry is as surprising as it is combustible, but can a mountain man and a fourth-grade teacher ever have a future? Maybe…if Galen can face his past. And if Brenda’s secret doesn’t blow up in her face. And if a simple crush can change two lives forever.

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