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Series-> The Summer Lovin’ Series

What happens when a rental company double-books a beach house for the summer? It turns into a summer of romance for the three unsuspecting women and men who have to learn how to share it. What could go wrong? One word–Everything! This fast-paced, sexy, sizzling summer beach read is a trilogy that you won’t be able to put down. Don’t miss Beach Rules, Making Waves, and Endless Summer by KL Ramsey!

Endless Summer by K.L. Ramsey

Cover Design Credit-> Clarise Tan

Release Date-> August 24, 2023!

Blurb-> There was no way that Norah Waters was going to fall for her male roommate’s charms. Sure, Colter McAdam was easy on the eyes, and the way that he ignored her somehow made her hot—and that infuriated her. She was a rocket scientist and her career had always come first, but Colter made her want to forget about work for just a few minutes and lose herself in the passion that she felt every time they were in the same room together. She watched her two best friends fall for their housemates and she wasn’t about to follow suit. She was smarter than that.

Colter knew numbers. They were easy for him and working with them gave him a sense of peace. That was something that he missed not going into the office every day while staying at the beach house for the summer. Sure, he telecommuted and handled his clients virtually, but he felt as though something was missing. He just never imagined that something might be the sexy brunette who was giving him trouble at every turn. He walked into a room, and she walked out. Norah was sending him signals and he was picking them all up—loud and clear. She didn’t like him, and Colter couldn’t figure out why that stung so bad, but it did. He just needed to figure out a way to make their summer together last forever if he wanted to find his chance with Norah.

Endless Summer is the third and final book of The Summer Lovin’ Series by K.L. Ramsey.



Beach Rules (Summer Lovin’ Series Book 1)

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Making Waves (Summer Lovin’ Series Book 2)

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Endless Summer (Summer Lovin’ Series Book 3)

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