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They all said she was cut from the same cloth as her mother..well, they weren’t even close.

In the past year Inheritance Bay lost a light of the town, Ivy’s mother, a free spirited florist. Ivy has spent the last year laboring in her mother’s floral shop, surrounded by the memories of a woman who danced with life, Yet, Ivy’s hands are more deadly than nurturing to plants, her sneezes more frequent than her smiles, her mother’s legacy more a shackle than a gift.

Ivy is yearning for an escape, a life that’s not living in the shadow of her mother’s free spirit. But as she contemplates abandoning the life she’s always known, an unexpected beacon of understanding appears in the form of Quinn.

He understood how people judged others; he had a past he couldn’t outrun.

Quinn carries his own burdens, an ex-convict seeking redemption from the weight of societal judgment. He’s returned to Inheritance Bay to lay to rest the only mother he’s ever known, a goodbye he thought he’d weather alone. His sole intent: to keep his tainted past away from his foster brothers, a promise that grows complicated when Ivy tumbles into their lives.

Quinn knows he should keep his distance and protect Ivy from the backlash of his past, but his heart whispers of a different path.

Don’t miss this touching exploration of second chances, identity, and the transformative power of love.

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