Attention All Fae Romance Fans!! This is one audiobook you are not going to want to miss! The Fae King’s Prize by Author Jamie Schlosser is NOW available on Audible!!!

Narrated by Bryant Walker & Leanne Woodward

Published & Produced by Pink Flamingo Productions

Audible US 🎧 https://adbl.co/3NIwZqw

Audible UK 🎧 https://adbl.co/46GgWCl


When I wake up at a female auction in a world I don’t recognize, all I can think about is getting back home to Texas. I want absolutely nothing to do with a realm called Valora, magic, faeries, or being sold to the highest bidder.

But the Day Realm king has other plans.

Zander says I’m his fated mate. I don’t believe him. That doesn’t stop him from tricking me into marrying him, though. It doesn’t matter if I argue or run—he won’t let me go.

I should hate him. Instead, I find myself ridiculously attracted to the stubborn, broody man. Sometimes he terrifies me, so I don’t know why his rare smiles give me warm tingles or why his arms make me feel safe.

Everything about Valora is confusing, but after just a short time here, I realize something—this place is full of dangers that are way more frightening than my new husband, and staying by his side just might be my only option.

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