Midlife Accomplice by Lia Davis and L.A. Boruff is here!!


Blair Braden was retired.

Now that Pearl has succeeded in her efforts to pull Blair back into the hunter folds, Blair can no longer say she’s a retired hunter. She’s the new liaison between the shifters and the hunters.

That’s right, folks, the entire shifter community now has to come to Blair for anything they need with the hunters. Or complaints about the hunters. Or questions about the hunters. Or requests for aid. Really the list can go on. Although, none of the shifters want much to do with the hunters. What surprises her is when the hunters start calling her with millions of questions about shifters. Blair just might have to enlist her daughter as her co-liaison. After all, Meggan is half shifter, half hunter.

Blair welcomes the distraction away from the hot alpha biker wolf Maddox who happens to be her mate. The big grumpy man-baby is set on ignoring the mating pulling, which is fine with Blair. For now. Because so far her visions have come true.

It’s all going to be okay. Blair can handle anything, including unretiring, selling cursed antiques, finding ghosts, a grumpy wolf, a love-struck wolf, and a grumpy-love-struck wolf.

After all, she has a genie now, whatever the world that means.

Lily Walker’s life is full. Full of monsters, rogues, and family.

She can’t ever say it’s boring, right? Fighting paranormal creatures on a daily basis ensured not one whit of boredom. She loves every minute of it.

Then an argument and one kiss with a grouchy ginger beta wolf throws her whole world upside down. Instead of dealing with all the emotional junk, Lily throws herself into her business: hunting ghosts with her new bestie Blair.

Their first case is a poor woman who refuses to accept she’s dead, plus their social media pages are getting views every day, bringing in more customers for both the antique shop and the ghost-hunting biz. The whole thing provides the perfect distraction from Reed and his stupid kissable lips.

Seriously, the struggle. Is. Real.

Blair and Lily are going to have to come to terms with what fate is throwing their way sooner or later. There are only so many distractions in the world, even with Gil granting wishes and Grandmother Pearl interfering. All they need now is for Luci to pop in and complicate matters.

Oh, wait…

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