Title: Colored Lies 

Author: V.J. Lee 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 



I’m Jordan Ann Bland, Jo to my friends.

I hate lies.

I know from personal experience they ruin lives. To me, every lie has a color. The only lies I usually tell are pink ones; they don’t hurt anyone, but they make my life more exciting, much less—well, bland, and I don’t even have to leave the comfort of my home.
Then one night, I go against everything I believe and tell a gray lie, the kind that can hurt others, and it happens in front of one of the sexiest men I’ve ever seen. Now, I must keep telling these lies, so he doesn’t catch onto my secret. These gray lies are now turning into one of the worst-colored lies—black. This is why I hate all lies other than the pink ones.
To make things worse, this gorgeous man is dragging me around to do every pink lie I ever told; I have a feeling he knows I’m a liar.

I hate liars, even though I am one.

I’m Roman Joseph Arndt-Blackwell, RJ to my friends.

I hate all liars.

Chalk it up to a bad past relationship. I don’t want to be around liars, or get stuck in another relationship with one. But when the petite blonde in the bar makes a comment I know to be one whopper of a lie, I feel I need to do something about it, even though I must lie to her in turn—trust me, I know how hypocritical it is. Still, something about Jo draws me in, as much as it pushes me away.
My scheme to out her as a liar, opens my eyes to fun and, quite possibly, love. I do know one thing I refuse to do is fall for another liar, no matter how attracted I am to her.

I hate liars, even though I am one.



Vicky Wahl writing as VJ Lee writes the glowing series a paranormal romance, sci-fi, action series with steamy content and characters you will love but also want to punch in the face. She has other other spin-off novels in the works. Vicky lives in Colorado with the best husband (Mark) in the world and besides writing stays home to care for her furbabies. She has two sons Nick and Larry the entire family loves the mountains and hiking, but Vicky also enjoys shopping for shoes and reading.


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