Alpha VS Alpha by S. Lexi Author

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➡️ Enemies-To-Lovers

➡️ Dark Paranormal Romance

➡️ Strong Female Lead

➡️ Werewolves, Vampires, and Witches

➡️ Spicy 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

➡️ Plot twists

➡️ Dominant and Possessive Male Lead

➡️ Funny Side Characters

➡️ 18+


Sophia and Rider are both set to take over the Alpha titles of their packs when they turn nineteen. Although their families are close, the two have clashed since they were kids because of their strong personalities.

Where Sophia is impulsive and outspoken, Rider is a planner and domineering.

Sophia doesn’t believe in fate; she prefers to carve her own path when it comes to life and Love. Whereas Rider believes in fate but expects the Moon Goddess to pair him with a sweet, innocent and submissive mate who will obey and depend on him for protection.

When rogues start attacking packs at random, Rider and Sophia are forced to work together to deal with the rising threat.

The chemistry between the two burns hot, but their strong personalities make it difficult for them to work together. Will they be able to find middle ground?

Will Rider be able to tame the little spitfire named, Sophia or will she stand her ground and resist him?

What happens when Vampires and Witches take notice of the looming war and team up with the rogues? Will Sophia and Rider have what it takes to save their people?

Secrets regarding Sophia’s royal bloodline will be discovered which will draw unwanted attention in her direction. Will Rider be able to protect her from new threats? Does Sophia even need protecting?

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