Ransomed in the Midlife by Lia Davis & L.A. Boruff 

is now live on your favorite platform!

Ransom has been kidnapped.

Let me say it again.

Ransom has been kidnapped!

Months have passed, and Luke and Hailey are no closer to finding Ransom than they were on the day he disappeared. They’ve called in every favor, left no stones unturned, and yet still no Ransom.

No Pete.

No Izora.

Hailey is worried about Luke. He’s withdrawn into himself, getting more and more depressed with every day that goes by without his mate.

When all seems lost, Kendra comes through with a spell to help Luke remember a very important detail. Once he does, oh boy, look out. All Hell breaks loose.

They find something all right. It’s not Ransom, but it’s big. Unfortunately, it distracts them from the most important thing in the world: finding Ransom.

Eventually, an unlikely set of heroes arrive with their mystical witch’s broom to help them locate Ransom. The question is, once they find him, what do they do about Pete, Izora, and the big distraction they’ve been dealing with?

Luke will find a way, with Hailey by his side. He’ll take them apart piece by piece if he has to. They won’t get away with taking his mate.

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