Finding His Destiny by K.L. Ramsey

Series: Alphas in Uniform

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Destiny Rose knew the man who she was seeing, night after night, was more than just a pleasant dream. Sure, he wasn’t bad to look at. In fact, he was downright sexy—someone her mind had conjured up to fill her lonely nights and she had to admit he was a steamy hot distraction. The question remained—who the handsome stranger was who held her in his arms every night, telling her how much he needed her, loved her, and even wanted her. She woke up dazed, her body aching with need and her panties wet from just dreaming about him.

Honestly, nothing in his life seemed to make sense anymore since being discharged from the Army. The chaos was becoming his new normal. He just hoped sooner or later, he’d find a way to leave the past where it belonged, in his review mirror, right next to the ghost of his dead best friend.

Finding His Destiny is book 2 of the Alphas in Uniform Series by K.L. Ramsey.



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Hell Fire (Alphas in Uniform Book 1)

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Finding His Destiny (Alphas in Uniform Book 2)

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