The dawn of a new Alpha has risen, but will it last?

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In the midst of his war for vengeance, Malachi’s once patient Omega can wait for him no more… and neither will his enemy.

The Warlord has taken a valuable prisoner. Captain Zadia, an Alpha female, serves Malachi with ferocity and forcefulness. She would die before betraying Malachi, but the Warlord has a far worse fate for her in mind. He’s become convinced that the only way to win the war is with an Alpha Queen at his side.

The tide of the war begins to turn and, at the worst possible time, Malachi’s Omega comes into heat. With the Warguard closing in, Malachi must face an impossible choice – fight alongside Jordan and leave Tatiana in agonizing pain or forsake battle to ease her suffering as only an Alpha can.

Some dynasties are meant to crumble. Welcome to the Rise of the Alpha Trilogy from the dark and twisted mind of Sinistre Ange. There will be heat, but there is no sweet. This dark omegaverse adventure is extra-hot, extra-adventurous, and extra-triggering. You have been warned.
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