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Abel Hartford reigns at Malum Kings College.

I was awarded a full scholarship to the most prestigious collegiate academy on the east coast. The thing is, I never applied. I’ve never been one to let an opportunity pass, so I accept the anonymous generosity.

Abel is not happy about my decision. I thought he’d be pleased. We were close once, but he’s completely changed, and not for the better. Now I have to see him every single day, whether I want to or not. He’s not going to let a moment pass without reminding me I do not belong in his world.

Pranks and gossip distract me from all I’ve ever wanted: an education, so I can rise above. If it wasn’t for my other step-brother Blake and roommate Kailey, I would’ve tucked tail and left Malum. Abel would’ve won.

I’m glad I didn’t leave. As the year goes by, Abel’s cruelty hardens me. It teaches me lessons I should’ve learned years ago.

Lessons I won’t need to learn twice.

If Abel thinks he can banish me from his so-called court, he’d better think again. I have just as much right to be here as he does. Perhaps it’s time for a queen to overthrow the king.

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