Division (Book Two) by Desy Smith
Division Series

Universal Link: https://books2read.com/Division2

They know we know.
After a chance encounter between a young Essence and Horatio on a deserted planet Earth, everything changes.
Essence knowledge forces her from her home of Diara and into the home of Scipio, where she’ll ultimately become Emperor’s Queen. But Essence isn’t leaving quietly and when she finally makes it to Scipio, she may not be herself.
Horatio knowledge forces him to become Emperor’s right hand man. However, he’ll quickly learn Emperor is not the man every one thinks he is and being close to him, means untimely death.
Do Essence and Horatio have what it takes to survive Emperor and Highness? Or will they find themselves dying at their hands or confirming to their beliefs?

Division Book 1: https://books2read.com/Division1

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