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ONE MANIC LIE by Addison Beck is coming June 14th! Look at this gorgeous cover!!

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Someone needs to knock some sense into me before I get expelled.

I’m not a bad guy. I’m not even a particularly interesting guy but I am someone that always seems to find myself in…unfortunate situations. 

Eccentric, that’s what my friends call me. Some would say I’m just flat-out weird. Others would call me obsessive. I say life is short so why not just live it like it’s your last day?

Well, Headmaster Harding would disagree and that’s how I’ve found myself on the brink of expulsion after another one of my ridiculous stunts. 

I need a babysitter. A keeper. A handler. I need someone to keep me in check and tell me not to do all the crazy things my mind comes up with. 

And that’s when I see him. Sebastian. The new kid. 

It’s easy enough to see that he is just the man for the job. He’ll keep me balanced, he’ll keep me out of trouble, and in return, I’ll pay him for his services. 

But I never thought I’d find myself so captivated by the way he laughs or how he chews his food. I never imagined that I’d lay awake at night thinking about his brightly colored nails or his cute smile. 

Oh no. 

Let my newest obsession begin. 

One Manic Lie is a fast-paced, steamy, strangers-to-lovers romance with unusual hijinks, heart-melting moments, mental health positivity, and a HEA that’ll melt your heart.

Content Warnings: Manic symptoms, past suicide attempt, and thoughts of self-harm.

Haven’t started the series yet? One Lovely Lie is just a click away! 


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