This Daddy is ready to ride…

MC-meets-Daddy-romance when Steele by Pepper North releases in just a few weeks. 
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“Little girl, I’m only going to ask one more time…”

Things have not been going Ivy Jenkins’ way recently–well, until Steele Mattson rescues her. Being thrown away like garbage does a job on a woman’s self-confidence and bravery. Add in scrambled memories from a head injury and Ivy knows she qualifies as a hot mess, even if she is the assistant bank manager.

Steele’s father established the Shadowridge Guardians MC. He’s as dedicated to protecting the good citizens of his city as he is to creating the perfect weld on an old-school chopper, and he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty to take care of problems. When he finds the petite woman in a very bad situation, he dives in to help. What he doesn’t expect is to discover the rescued treasure is his.

He’ll stop at nothing to hunt down those who endangered her and make them pay.

Combining the sizzling talents of bestselling authors Pepper North, Kate Oliver, and Becca Jameson, the Shadowridge Guardians are guaranteed to give you a thrill and leave you dreaming of your own throbbing motorcycle joyride.

Are you daring enough to ride with a club of rough, growly, commanding men? The protective Daddies of the Shadowridge Guardians Motorcycle Club will stop at nothing to ensure the safety and protection of everything that belongs to them: their Littles, their club, and their town. Throw in some sassy, naughty, mischievous women who won’t hesitate to serve their fair share of attitude even in the face of looming danger, and this brand new MC Romance series is ready to ignite!

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