We are excited to celebrate DR. PERFECT by #LouiseBay is LIVE!

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A boss, his assistant, a snowstorm and just one bed. What could go wrong?

They call him Dr. Perfect.

I call him Dr. Aloof, Dr. Arrogant, Dr. If-you’re-going-to-fire-me-just-get-it-over-with.

If I had other options, I’d quit, but I need this job. Badly. So I jump at the chance to impress him by hand-delivering some important documents.

Yes, he’s staying on a remote Scottish Island, but I’ve got it covered…

Until the ferry back is cancelled, there are no hotels on the island and there’s a storm headed our way.

So I’m snowed in with my impossibly handsome boss, who barely knows my name, in a tiny one-bedroom cottage in the middle of nowhere.

But unlike the snow outside, his icy stare is beginning to melt and we don’t need a generator to keep it warm inside.

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